Future Shock Israel

Meditations on the teachings of the Lubavitcher Rebbe concerning the future of the State of Israel – Part 1.

It’s interesting to talk about the history of Israel, about who had which bit of land first, about displacement, occupation, democracy, borders, territories and the like.

But what about the future of Israel? Where is it heading? What are the possible outcomes for the State of Israel in the future according to the Lubavitcher Rebbe?

Now the Rebbe’s detractors accused him of being a Pro-Zionist and in many ways he may have been, well at least in comparison to his predecessors. He often counselled Israeli leadership, gave advice on political and military situations and strongly campaigned against giving away land for peace and supported increased building of Jewish homes and communities.

Some might be surprised to learn what the Rebbe envisaged for the State of Israel in the Messianic Era and in the immediate future.

Based on several Midrashim, he saw that one day all the synagogues and yeshivahs of the world, both past and present would be miraculously relocated and attached to the Third Temple.

That Jerusalem would spread to fill not just the entire State of Israel but would expand to its biblical borders from the Nile to the Euphrates and eventually include most of the Middle East.

Now you might read this far and conclude that not only was the Rebbe a staunch Zionist, but an aggressive, religious (Zionist) fundamentalist, fighting for the idea of a (biblical) Greater Israel. Which is more than a little bit scary!

However, the Rebbe also believed that the borders of Israel would one-day spread to include the entire planet! And as ridiculous as that sounds, lets’ just allow the implications of such a notion to trickle down into our consciousness.

The idea of a Global Zion, is an Israel without borders. The idea that the whole of biblical Israel becomes an enlarged Jerusalem, a metropolis of synagogues and yeshivahs, draws into question the role of a State of Israel in the Future to Come.

The Rebbe also doesn’t foresee all Jews having to move and live in the Biblical Holy Land, since the whole world becomes the Holy Land and people will simply travel to Jerusalem within a very short time to pray, morning, afternoon and even prayers, i.e and live in the other parts of the world.

Now of course, it’s a dream a religious and philosophical fantasy, but the political implications of such a dream are enormous!

Just to clarify, the whole world becoming the land of Israel is a spiritual expansion of borders, expanding the current Israeli governmental administration to regulate the whole world would be the opposite of any type of Messianic Utopia.

However, what need is there for a State of Israel, in it’s current or even vaguely recognisable state, if the whole of what is now the territories of the Israeli State and for that matter the Palestinian, Lebanese, Jordanian, Egyptian & Iraqi territories, become merely an extremely large synagogue complex?

Also what is the nature of this synagogue metropolis? Is is just for Jews? It seems not!

So a the largest synagogue complex in history, the 8th wonder of the world, clearly visible from space, will be for everyone!?

As the Rebbe quotes, “My House is a place of Prayer for ALL PEOPLE!”

So not only does the current State of Israel become swamped by synagogues and study centres, it’s also not exclusively for Jews, in fact it’s for everyone no matter their, religion, race, creed or sexual orientation.

Where is the State of Israel in that scenario? Surely it might act as a local council might, ensuring basic facilities, including water, transport and the like ran efficiently, but what would be the point of a State of Israel, without borders and without need for a National identity, without an army, without a government?

To be continued…

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